Virtual Assistant on Mobile Phone

LIVING ACTOR™ ASSISTANT: Intelligent Virtual Agents for 24/7 service.

A Living Actor™ Assistant automatically understands 90% of your users’ requests, providing immediate answers without human intervention.

Decrease low value-added contact requests
Increase transformation rate
Develop customer intelligence

Artificial Intelligence brings life to your applications

The Living Actor™ natural language processing (NLP) engine makes it possible to offer natural dialog interactions to your visitors. They can ask questions using their own words and get immediate answers in 90% of cases.
  • Natural language processing in 6 languages including large dictionaries of synonyms and expressions
  • Automatic correction of most entry errors and misspellings
  • Misunderstanding management to propose "level 2" expertise
  • Semantic optimization methods for market sectors and domain activities
Artificial Intelligence

Offer an intuitive and interactive Customer Experience

Your client can interact with an animated, 3D talking Avatar who embodies your brand and offers a fun, social experience:
  • 3D Avatar with full body animation, voice, and lip-synchronization
  • Web-responsive dialog interface includes text, images, links, and video
  • Proactive dialog and suggestions proposed by the Avatar
  • Complete visualization of the dialog history with the Avatar
  • Windows desktop widget available for integration enabling direct, just-in-time interactions with users
  • Over 30 interface functionalities
User Experience with a Virtual Assistant

Create and manage knowledge bases

Living Actor™ includes a powerful knowledge base editor to create and manage rich, multilingual projects. Your Intelligent Virtual Agents can be 100% autonomous or they can share their expertise and updates with a live agent. Each Virtual Agent is managed via an intuitive back office offering:
  • Unlimited knowledge base creation and updates
  • Collaborative content management
  • Content validation workflow
  • Specific knowledge categories to differentiate “business” knowledge from "social" knowledge and push messages
  • Branching dialog trees, specific domain functionalities, and procedures for addressing complex needs
Create a Knowledge Base

Talk to you clients in their own language…

Living Actor™ Assistant offers natural language processing (NLP) in 6 languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese) and can process knowledge bases in more than 30 languages. Additional languages can be added upon request
Multi-language knowledge base

On any Device...

The Living Actor™ interface is developed in HTML technology, with a web-responsive design. Your clients can interact with your Virtual Assistant from any device: PC, smart phone, tablet, interactive booth, and even giant screens that are larger-than-life. Living Actor™ offers native iOS and Android libraries for advanced implementations.
Virtual Doctor

Guarantee full data security

The best IT security solutions are deployed to guarantee complete security, data integrity, and secure access to your Living Actor™ Virtual Assistant. Living Actor™ offers a highly secure back office environment for your projects and data including SSL encryption, domain and IP restrictions, and encrypted passwords.

Guarantee 100% answers!

A Living Actor™ Assistant constantly evaluates its understanding of your customer’s needs and satisfaction. As soon as required, your Intelligent Virtual Agent can escalate the conversation using a variety of channels to guarantee efficient treatment of your clients' requests and immediate satisfaction. Escalation can include direct hand-off to a call center via live chat, click-to-call, web call back, click-to-mail, forms, and questionnaires.
Guarantee 100% answers

Measure success with Living Actor™ Analytics

Living Actor™ automatically generates detailed dashboards in real-time displaying the activity of your Virtual Assistant. Dialog sessions, problem resolutions, need for more information, voice of the customer … More than 80 Key Performance Indicators are available. You can even manage personalized KPIs.
  • Quantitative analyses of all dialog sessions
  • Qualitative analyses of customer requests and interactions
  • Customer feedback and improvement suggestions

Professional Services

The Living Actor™ team offers expert consultation and other services to help you deploy a high quality project and guarantee ROI. Our team will help your staff become experts in Living Actor™ Solutions and managing daily operations to meet performance objectives. Your Customer Service and Digital Communication Departments will increase their results, optimizing performance. The Living Actor™ team has more than 15 years of experience and has successfully set up hundreds of global projects.
Professional Services



Adapt your plan to your Web site or your application depending on the size of your organization, the support you need and the desired customization of your Virtual Assistant SaaS

Subscription or On-Premises

Subscription per session or per user
USA: +1 (407) 601-1266
France: +33 (0)1 8508 6209
50% fewer phone calls and emails
  • - reduce support calls
  • - virtual brand ambassador
  • - provide user-friendly selfcare service
Yoko is the virtual support assistant for Toshiba in Europe. She speaks 20 languages and solves most support issues for Toshiba Consumer electronics. Yoko is connected to Toshiba IT and client databases to offer personalized services.
40% fewer phone calls
  • - assist 38,000 retail bank employees
  • - knowledge management
  • - reduce support calls
CloE is deployed as a Windows Widget on employees' PCs, answering more than 50,000 questions every month, dramatically reducing their need for live support. She also communicates urgent news using her “push” functionality.
Virtual and live agents work as a team
  • - live agent hand-off
  • - answer FAQs
  • - reduce calls
  • - guarantee client’s satisfaction
Nora greets visitors of the InfoTBC website and assists them with trip planning, reservations, and other services for public transportation. When she cannot answer a question, she hands over the conversation to a live chat agent.
40% fewer support emails
  • - answer FAQs
  • - personalize online assistance
Olivier answers all Suez water supply contract questions 24/7 including invoicing, consumption, contracts, and online payments. He also manages emergencies and guides customers to the best service for their specific needs.
Multi-device support assistant
  • - reduce recurring calls
  • - explain Employee Savings plans
Thomas is the Virtual Expert for Natixis Interepargne. His mission ranges from delivering educational content which helps clients make the most out of their employee savings plan, to online assistance with transactions.
300,000 sessions / month
  • - answer FAQs
  • - recruitment and employee onboarding
  • - strategic communication
Commander DUPONT is available 24/7 on the French Army website. He answers candidates' questions regarding training conditions, tests, salary, risks, necessary skills, and more.


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